Traintronics Lights and Electronics

Block Detection unit DCC or analogue use

O Gauge, N Guage and OO Gauge Block Detection Unit for DCC and Analogue operation. ... [more]

Scale: OO
Price: £10.96
Traintronics Catalogue Leaflet

Colour leaflet showing the full current and future range of Traintronics.... [more]

Price: £0.40
Slow Motion DCC Point Motor

Make moving the points on your layout realistic with this Slow motion Point Motor. Unlike other models on the amrket ... [more]

Scale: OO
Price: £22.50
DCC Circuit board for Traintronics Signals

now you can run your colour light signals from your DCC Controller!. This circuit board replaces the one supplied wit... [more]

Scale: OO
Price: £12.25