By Managing Director, Fiona Mulhall. 


I first became involved in the Hobby business in 1999 with the launch of one of the first online only model shops - OnTracks.co.uk  

Our wholesale business grew out of OnTracks and our visits to the large German Trade shows, we made friends with companies based across Europe who wanted to see their products appear in more UK model shops. We had the expertise and a growing network of shops stocking our products and one by one we added what is now a comprehensive range of European model railways and general hobby products.
We now represent manufacturers from Europe, America and here in the UK. Plus we employ a salesforce who make regular visits to model shops across the UK and Republic of Ireland. 
If you own a shop and want new and interesting products which deliver sales and profits then please get in touch - we'll arrange for the local rep to speak to you straight away.
Or, if you are a manufacturer looking for a distributor who really gets behind brands, identifies potential big sellers and works hard to grow sales - then we're the right people to talk to.
You can also buy on-line if you want to obtain models for your personal use you can build up a shopping basket of products and 'check-out'. We'll send your order to a retailer of your choice for you to collect from their shop, or have it delivered to your home if you prefer.
So, please browse our website and discover some great model and hobby products. 

Have Fun!

Fiona Mulhall
Managing Director