Let is Snow!
Busch Snow Ideas

Many of the seasonal events and changes can be recreated on your Layout quite easily. Some can even be temporary and then removed or vacuumed away afterwards. 

Busch Winter & Christmas Range

Snow Covered Spruce 2

6151 2 Snow Covered Trees Small 55mm

Snow Covered Spruce 2

6152 2x Snow Covered Trees Med


90 and 120mm high.

Snow Covered High Spruce 2

6153 2 Snow Covered Trees Lge

130 & 195mm high.
Snow Covered Trees 2

6155 Pine trees covered in snow 130 & 160mm

Snow Covered Trees 2

6156 Pine trees covered in snow 195 & 210mm

Snow Covered Fruit Tree 3

6157 3 Fruit Trees Snow covered

 10 Snowed Trees And Snowman
6465 10 Trees & Snowman ! (With lovely extra glitter to add too)
 20 Assorted Snowed Pine
6466 20 Snow covered pines
Snow Covered Winter Lodge

1085 Snow Covered Lodge


A traditional cabin or Santa's grotto, complete with icicles.

Winter Scene

1225 Winter Scene – frozen pond and trees


Grass, trees, bushes all in semi transparent frost finish.

Snow Covered Scenery Mat

1317 Snow groundcover mat 210x 297mm


Perfect for fast Winter scene creation.

Snow Powder

7170 Dust on Snow Powder


The must have Christmas scenic tool - simply dust onto surfaces.

 Snow Spray - White
7001 Snow Spray
Add 3 Dimensions colour effect to your diorama with this 150ml can. 
 Smart m. Skitr?ger
48918 Smart car and Snowman
 HO scale, suitable for OO scale too.
Christmas Tree (Illuminated)

5411 Illuminated Xmas Tree


A tall 90mm tree ready to connect to power and illuminate on your layout. OO or HO scale ideally

Christmas Pyramid

1415 Mock Tree for Xmas Market


At the heart of a proper Christmas market you'll find the stylised tree and presents!

Xmas Markets

1060 Winter Market Stall


A perfect miniature scene for the run up to Christmas



Xmas Tree With Presents

1140 Decorated Xmas Tree and Presents


Beautifully decorated tree for the house with presents.

Garden Accessories (potted pot plants)

1235 Pot Xmas trees and Poinsettias


Perfect for doorsteps and window sills.

Diorama: Merry Christmas XVI

7619 Merry Christmas Diorama XVI

Merry Christmas X11

7635 Merry Christmas Beach

DISC Busch Scene in a box - Christmas VIII

7654 Merry Christmas Truck

Traktor ZT300  ?Flickwerk?

42822 Tractor & Snow Plough


Perfect for clearing a path through your snow covered streets. HO or OO

Christmas Decorations

1061 Hanging Street Decorations


Hang them from street lights and poles along your street.

Christmas Tree

5413 Illum Xmas Tree B


A second 90mm tree ready for connection and switch on - OO or HO scale.

Illuminated Christmas White Star Decoration LEDs

5414 Illum White Stars (3)


LED based lights for street and home decoration.

Illuminated Christmas Gold Star Decorations LEDs

5415 Illum  Yellow Stars (3)

Illuminated Christmas Red Star Decorations LEDs

5416 Illum Red Stars (3)

Scenic Passenger Train

5005 Working Tourist Train


Why not add Santa, helpers and a few presents to make the Tourist train a proper Santa's Express!


1143 Icicles


Semi transparent for hanging on existing buildings.

N/TT Christmas Tree

5410 N Scale Xmas tree


Add spirit to your N scale layout with this fully assembled tree.

Gauge 1/G Christmas Trees & Lights

8624 G scale Xmas tree & Lights

 Crystal Snow Paste 150g
BUS7172 Snow Paste Tub 150g
Sparkles after drying like real snow! Can be applied with a spatula or a brush (if required whilst soft you can create tracks of vehicles, animals, etc.). Dilutable with water. 
 Xmas Markets
BUS1060 Two Christmas Stalls
 Christmas scene   Rudolph and Sleigh XIX
BUS7659 Merry Christmas Sleight Diorama
 Christmas tree sale scene
BUS1182 Christmas trees and netting machine
 Mercedes  with Christmas tree
BUS46863 Mercedes with Christmas Tree
 3 Snow covered christmas trees
BUS6464 Three 40mm Christmas trees
 HO winter services attachments including snow plough
KIB15013 Snow Plough attachments
 HO Christmas village
VOL42413 HO/OO Christmas winter village