Frequently Asked Questions

 "I need some technical advice on a product I purchased from you"

We are happy to answer most requests for help - but with limited resources some queries can take time to answer. If you visit our Contact Us page you will find our email addresses. Some manufacturer technical help lines which can provide answers more quickly.

"Can you post me your catalogue?"

We don't produce a single catalogue, however most manufactures do produce one, simply choose the relevant category on the left hand menu.

"Do you hold all products in stock?"

No, the industry works mainly on a system of batch production runs, so some models are unavailable at any point of the year. Generally about 80% of products are available.

We hold our most popular products in stock for immediate delivery, the remainder we order each Monday and usually receive them during that week- so ship them over the following couple of days. European manufacturers deliver to us directly - this takes a few days longer but gives us better availability.

"What mains power are your items designed for?"

We are a British based business and all items are designed for 220-240volt AC. All items are supplied to UK customers with a 3 pin plug. (European sourced items feature a 2 pin EU plug and a British 3 pin adaptor).

"How do I know you have received the order?"

You will receive an automated acknowledgement after you have successfully placed your order on the screen - a copy of which is sent to the email address you gave us within about 5 minutes.

"I want to change/cancel my order"

No problem, simply email us with your order number - you can find out about returning items here. Don't forget we do not supply people directly but ship the goods to a retailer of your choice. We will advise you if the stock has already been sent to them, in which case you need to contact them to cancel your order.

"Where are your Term & Conditions?"


"What is the postage charge?"

UK postage and packaging is £3.99 

"Can you deduct the VAT?"

We only supply UK and ROI retailers, any orders placed by individuals customers will be passed to them for fulfillment. Their policies on VAT may vary and you should raise the question with them. y.

"Can I return an item?"

Again no problem, please arrange this with your supplying retailer.

"I am looking for xxxxxxx, can you obtain it?"

Generally speaking we offer items that are available in this years manufacturers ranges - the first thing to do is search our site from the search box in each department.

If you have no luck then we don't have access to such a model.

"I am looking for a model issued in 1998 "

Sorry we don't deal in 'second hand' so we can only obtain current models for you. If its not listed we don't have access to it - sorry.

"I want to sell my collection"

Trading of models helps increase their collectability and it's a great way for others to add to their collection. We however do not trade in second hand models so please don't email us your lists. We can recommend as great places to sell things.

"Can you send me more information/pictures?"

We try to expand the information on the site as often as possible. Some manufacturers are better than others in giving us information, catalogues and CD ROMs with their images. If our site does not hold some information you need we generally suggest checking their website first. 

"How big is the model?"

All our products are accurate scale models. So for example a 1:76 or OO scale item would be 4mm long for every 1 foot in real life.

"I am looking for background/historical information about ....."

Sorry, we just  don't have the depth of knowledge over the product ranges we have to be able to help on research type questions. However the web is a great place for searching we can suggest the following:

"I want to subscribe/unsubscribe to your newsletter"

Could not be simpler! For subscriptions simply enter you email address here. To unsubscribe follow the instructions in our newsletter. 

"Contacting us"

Simple, details are here.

We don't ring people or fax to numbers outside the UK - email is best and the cheapest solution for all of us.