What is the wishlist for?

A wishlist is a list of all the things that you would like from our site - either for yourself, or as a reminder for Christmas and Birthday shopping for friends and relatives etc.

How do I start?

You can create new wishlists by viewing any detailed product description on our website and clicking the 'Add to Wishlink' located below the brand logo of that product. Keep viewing and adding product until you are done.

How do I view my list?

You or anyone you invite can view the full list by entering your email address using the Wishlist button in the blue search bar above.

How do I get my friends and family to use it?

You can email them the link to the wishlist page and your email address to give them access 

Your family and friends can purchase items off your list (without your knowledge if you choose... you wouldn't want to ruin the surprise would you!?). Once an item has been purchased, this is shown on the list so that other friends know that somebody has already got you that item... so no annoying duplicates.