Kibri 16150 Ballast collector MFS 100

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Eight axle unit with 68 m� capacity net mass 54/53 5 t length over buffers 22900 mm distance between bogie pivots 15100 mm engine power 126 kW towed transit speed max. 100 km/h. In many cases there is a lot of material to be removed during track maintenance. In the past most of this material was simply deposited on the embankments next to the tracks . Today the material must be taken to a suitable depot - last but not least due to the increased awareness regarding environmental protection. In some situations such as in yard areas in tunnels or in cuts it is absolutely essential to remove any debris. The speedy transport of new material such as new ballast is just as important. This task needs a practical and economic solution for build up filling and offloading. The transport units for material and silos type MFS are constructed in accordance with the blueprints of regular verhicles. The floor of the storage containers is a conveyor belt. This allows for continuous filling of the silos or for further transportation of the material. The conveyor belt at the end of the machine can be pivoted. Then the belt can be turned by 45 degrees to either side. The end conveyor belt either offloads the material into the next MFS unit (conveyor belt in centre position) or to the side at a suitable location (conveyour belt swivelled). The MFS units are suitable for any kind of bulk goods and can be combined to material trains of any length. All conveyoer belts are powered hydraulically. the diesel engine supplies the energy needed.

Made by: Kibri
Supplier Code: 16150
Gauge: HO (1:87), OO (1:76)
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