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Kit with interesting flashing and lighting effects, as well as 4 aliens and a robot. The UFO can optionally be assembled standing with extended telescopic legs or on a »Beam beam flying«. Four differently coloured incandescent lamps, optical fibres and electronic circuitry provide attractive lighting effects (the electronics are ready to install for connection to 14-16 V DC or AC voltage). 

Diameter of the UFO: 150 mm, approx. 45 mm high (incl. Dome), total height with telescopic legs approx. 75 mm. 

What is a UFO?
UFO (Ufo) [Abbr. for engl. unidentified flying object "unidentified flying object"], designation for the repeatedly observed in various areas of the world, many plate-shaped ("flying saucers"), often brightly lit and moving ("flying") objects of unknown nature and origin; often opt. Deceptions. 

Are there UFOs? Are there extra-terrestrials? 
For the past 50 years, many thousands of people have sighted and claimed to have seen extra-terrestrial flying objects. Some people even claim that they were kidnapped and taken aboard a UFO. Everything just fantasy, imagination or lies? 

Still mysterious: The Roswell case
Probably the most famous and controversial case in UFO history is the alleged crash of a spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico. A farmer found pieces of wreckage from an unknown metal foil, which could be crumpled as desired and, after a short time, returned to its original form by itself. In addition, the bodies of supposed aliens (aliens) were discovered. The case caused a stir in public at that time. All wreck and body parts were confiscated within a very short time by the American military. It was later claimed that the parts found were the remains of a weather balloon and the corpses were dummy dummies to study the consequences of a high-altitude impact. Mysterious remains until today,

Area51 - a Ufover plug?
Area51, sometimes referred to as Dreamland, is a piece of desert (the size of Switzerland) in the middle of Nevada. It was built as a secret air force base in 1954. It was not until 1994 that the US Air Force officially announced that it exists. Until today, everything that goes on there is "Top Secret" and it must not be entered. It is used, among other things, for nuclear testing and the development of new aircraft. Supposedly there are also UFOs examined and extraterrestrial dissected. As monstrous as it may sound, President Eisenhower is said to have given aliens permission to investigate people. In return, the US government received permission to explore the advanced technology of the aliens. Results of the research could be eg the stealth bombers. Who knows?

Made by: Busch
Supplier Code: 1010
Gauge: HO (1:87), OO (1:76), N (1:160), TT (1:120), Z (1:220)
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