Busch Feldbahn

The Busch light railway impresses with its innovative technology and an extensive range of accessories.  A complete system is offered with locomotives, wagons, tracks, bridges and buildings in the common H0 size. Due to the narrow gauge of 6.5 mm (original gauge 600 mm), the size is referred to as H0f (for field railways) or H0i (for industrial railways) on a scale of 1:87. It is therefore compatible with existing HO / OO systems and can complement and upgrade them. New entry is also made easier thanks to attractive starter sets and the small footprint.

 The small locomotives pull their tracks on the prototypical Busch light rail system  with a gauge of 6.5 mm in absolutely prototypical and jerk-free slow speed. This is made possible by a sophisticated system: there are small magnets in the locomotives and metal profiles in the light rail tracks below the sleepers. This increases the contact pressure of the wheels on the rails and ensures reliable power consumption and high pulling power for the locomotives.

The driving characteristics of the light railroad are optimized by the specially developed stationary  digital decoder  . The sensitive speed regulation allows driving in "creeping gear" or at top speed. Different routes can be switched on and off independently of each other.

Locomotives based on models from the companies Gmeinder (type: 15/18), LKM (type: Ns 2f), Deutz (OMZ 122 F) and Decauville are currently available(Type 3, steam locomotive) available. The extensive rolling stock includes wagons, stake wagons, brickworks and many other types. The rails and points of the light rail system are extremely prototypical due to the large distance between sleepers and the filigree design. With the right bridge system and the loading station, the driving operation can be designed prototypically.

The brick  and  peat factory buildings are the ideal complement to the field railway that are designed according to original models from different regions (Haidgau peat plant near Bad Wurzach in Baden-Württemberg, Erbs brickworks in Pegau near Leipzig). The brick factory's buildings with press house, drying shed and ring kiln also allow a realistic operational sequence as does the peat factory with entrance gate, unloading ramp, oil shed and wooden barracks. The Busch Feldbahn is compatible with the Busch mine railway, ie the same tracks and power supply can be used and the locomotives and wagons of both systems can be "coupled" together.

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