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Churchill Mk.VII

Very fine resin WW II military vehicle kit, in 1/56 scale (28mm). Needs to be assembled and painted. Crew figure and stowage included.

Master by Tony Ashcroft.

The Infantry Tank A22F ''Churchill'' Mk VII (or just Churchill Mk VII) is a Rank III British infantry tank with a battle rating of 4.7. It was introduced in Update 1.55 ''Royal Armour'' along with the rest of the British Ground Forces Tree. The definitive British heavy tank with up to 152 mm of frontal armour, the Churchill can present itself as a stone wall against an enemy force.

The Churchill tank was named after Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who had promoted the development of the tank in the First World War. Churchill told Field Marshall Jan Smuts ''That is the tank they named after me when they found out it was no damn good!''

It also showed a break with the previous British Army tradition of giving names beginning with C to cruiser tanks, such as the Covenanter, Crusader, Cromwell, Cavalier and Comet, rather than the heavier and slower infantry tanks such as Churchill. Post-war, the 'universal' or main battle tanks would also adopt these C names: Centurion, Conqueror, Chieftain, and Challenger.

The Mk VII was first used in the Battle of Normandy in 1944. The Mk VII improved on the already heavy armour of the Churchill with a wider chassis and the British 75 mm gun which had been introduced on the Mk VI. It was primarily this variant, the A22F, which served through the remainder of war. It was re-designated A42 in 1945.

Made by: Die Waffenkammer
Supplier Code: GB001
Gauge: 28mm (1:56)
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