BLOCKsignalling DAP1-NS Semaphore Controller No Soldering

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A quick and easy way to add automation to your Semaphore signals. Controlling Dapol semaphore signals has never been easier. Only 4 wires to connect and you are up and running. No soldering or programming required (but you can adjust things if you want to). We love semaphore signals. There are some very realistic kits from Ratio which can be operated by rod and wire, or by servos, or ready built models from Dapol for 00 and N gauges which have a motorised actuator in the base. The actuator is powered from a 16V AC supply connected to the red and black wires, although many modellers use a 12V DC supply without any problems (just make sure the positive connection is to the red wire otherwise the signal lamp will not light). To operate the signal the two remaining yellow wires are briefly shorted together using a miniature push-button switch or similar. We were keen to provide a solution that would add some simple automation of the signals on a model railway layout, without the need for soldering, programming or making any additional connections. The four terminals on the module accept the four wires from the signal, with the power feed doubling up on the first two terminals. Simply drill an 8mm hole through the baseboard between the sleepers and insert the sensor from below (the sensor only needs a 2mm gap to see between the sleepers so there should be no problems with N gauge). Invisible infra-red light is projected upwards and any trains passing overhead will trigger the circuit and will operate the signal automatically. You can test this by waving your hand over the sensor, and the signal should operate (if it doesn~t work as expected, just swap over the two yellow wires).

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