Tillig Elite Track Bedding

STYROSTONE track bedding for Tillig HO Elite Track.

The advantages of this system are:

• prototypical material: stone gravel

• quick processing by pressing in the tracks

• no nails, no glue or glue on the track

• tracks can be removed again

• no migration of the plasticizer components of sleeper tape and track bed base, therefore extremely durable

• very good noise insulation

• easy processing of the Bedding body with craft knife

The bedding is made for curved track sections and straight lines without an embankment, so that several parallel tracks can be laid next to one another. The embankment is prepared in the base body and can be detached with a craft knife to represent single-track routes.

The stone gravel can be used to sprinkle areas between the tracks and next to the gravel bed. Separate embankment strips allow the repair of cut parts and, in the case of underfloor drive of the switches, the removal of the field for the switch drives. An additional strip glued under the curved track enables the tracks to be raised realistically in the curves.

Laying the ballast bedding is very easy. The tracks are pressed into the bedding and a thin layer of STYROPAL contact adhesive is applied to the underside of the track bedding. After a drying time of approx. 15-20 minutes, the track bedding is pressed down firmly. (The contact pressure determines the adhesive strength!) Work equipment must be cleaned with water immediately after use.

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