08Apr New In: W/C 8 April

BuschBusch 1465 Pedestrian UnderpassBusch 1637 Power Plant Busch 7765 Mini-Set US MailboxesBusch 7766 US Fire HydrantsBusch 7841 Action Set: Woman With HandcartBusch 7842 Action Set: Barrel TruckBusch 7843 Action Set: Table TennisBusch 9751 18 Poplars With Benches Busch 9755 7 Fir Trees With WoodpilesBusch 9762 14 Spring TreesBusch 9763 19 Spring…

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01Jun Featured Product - Auhagen Old Mill Flats

Auhagen 11450 - Once the old factory has closed down, the building is easily converted into attractive apartments with balconies. With fire wall, stainless steel chimney as well as screens and 8 garbage cans.316 x 150 x 163 mm

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16Apr Featured Product - Labelle Motor Cleaning System

Labelle Motor Cleaning System (For all Scales) Most model train layouts are in a location that is subject to gathering dust, pet hair,and other debris that can cause poor operation of your locomotives. A complete cleaning once is a while can usually restore them to optimum operating efficiency.Each cleaning kit can…

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05Mar Featured Product - Auhagen Modular Starter Set

Auhagen 80050 industrial starter set is a great introduction to their modular range. The kit contains the contents to build either a goods shed, a locomotive shed or a small factory and includes a brochure containing advice and tips.Freight shed 154 x 198 x 103 mmEngine shed 154 x 114…

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17Feb Our Guide to Modelling Water

Our Guide to Modelling WaterIt's one thing Britain is good at! Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, we invented them all and spent years practicing how to play badly at them! Now if only raining was an Olympic event we might have more chance! We may not be able to simulate rain on…

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